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This is a map of established Ordinariate parishes and communities, as well as groups of Catholics celebrating the Anglican Patrimony within the Catholic Church. To create a new listing on the map, a community must be an established member of one of the Personal Ordinariates, OR if not yet established as an Ordinariate community, the group leader must make the bare minimum of the following commitments.



1.) The group leader must register as a member of the Anglicanorum Coetibus Society (ACS): and must be a Catholic in good standing with the Church.

2.) A regular meeting place must be established, within a defined city, so it can be placed on the map. This can be as simple as somebody's house, or an office space, or a library room, or a Catholic chapel if available, etc. The actual meeting place may be kept private (especially if it is somebody's home), but contact information must be given so that potential new members of the group can contact you for meeting times and locations.

3.) Provide the ACS with a contact person (name, phone number and/or email address) along with the physical address of the meeting place to be published on the map:

4.) The group must meet minimally once a month, but may meet more often as the group desires. 

5.) During each meeting, either Morning or Evening Prayer must be said (whichever is appropriate), according to the approved daily office of the Ordinariates, or the office as published at 

6.) Additional time for visiting and fellowship is encouraged whenever possible. Religious studies are NOT necessary. However, we encourage pastoral oversight by a member of the Catholic clergy if any religious studies are to be done. Materials for such monitored religious studies should be limited to the Catholic Bible and the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

7.) Contact the ACS with all this information, and keep the ACS updated regularly....

Please be advised that Ordinariate officials may periodically check this map to assess the feasibility of establishing a missionary outreach to your area. Therefore, it's important to follow the rules above. The size of the group is not as important as its activity. A group may consist of just one family or ten. It doesn't matter, just so long as it remains active. If your group becomes inactive, please let us know, so we can remove it from the map.

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